Research: Honours

it’s over.

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And it’s done, my final work is as follows:

1. The big histogram – unstacked.
91 x 105 cm, inkjet print

Each column represents a year of printmaking and the columns are made up up individual works.

2. Big histogram – stacked.
300 x 61cm, inkjet print

3. Big histogram – interactive.

I also made an interactive version of the big histogram. Due to copyright restrictions I can’t provide the address, but hopefully I can soon…

4. Gender histogram.
300 x 120cm, inkjet print

Similar to the big histogram but split by gender. Male artists are above and female below.

And some photos of the final setup for assessment:

Cultural Interfaces

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The big poster will make its first public appearance at Cultural Interfaces, a special one night only show at CraftACT on the 9th November.

show everything (a progression)

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The last few weeks have been absolutely flat out.

I’ve introduced stacking to my big histogram for two reasons: so that you can actually see and compare what works were produced at the same time (rather than disappearing into the sky) and secondly so I can actually print the poster out!

It still looks pretty nice up close though

Now some poster candy…

It’s 3m long and 55cm high.

With feet for scale

and up close

My second ‘show everything’ visualisation splits the works by gender. The upper works are by males and the lower by females. I intend to print this work out soon.

I am currently working on an interactive version of the big histogram, so you can explore the collection and discover more about each work.

Show everything

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Over the last few days everything has come together nicely and I’ve been able to produce this beautiful work below. It’s a visual representation of every imaged work, sorted by date of production, in the Prints and Printmaking collection. Click to enlarge.

This version is relatively small, and the data cuts off at 1980. The larger version has more data and bigger thumbnails, allowing you to explore part of the national collection up close and in impressive detail.

7 decades of Australian Printmaking in 300px.

I’m very pleased.

a breakthrough at last

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Well it’s been a bit of an uphill battle over the last few days, but finally I’ve had some nice breakthroughs.

I’ll expand on the thinking and process when I get a bit more time, but for now, some screenshots (captions under).

Playing around with the size of the artists box on screen (colour relates to gender)

Size of box directly related to how many works by that artist are in the collection.

All artists with colour set to amount of works.

The breakthrough:

Attaching artist id to individual works (a lot harder than you would think)

The big works grid. All works in the collection at once, with a rollover showing title, year and artist ID. No actual artist name yet, that’s the next step.

To come: data mining process. Sorting, colours, actual artists name.