Explore nominated for DH Awards 2015

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Exciting news!

My PhD work, Explore Australian Prints + Printmaking, has been nominated for a 2015 Digital Humanities Award.

It’s in the ‘Best Data Visualisation’ category, which is interesting in itself because I’ve always considered the interfaces to combine data visualisation and web design techniques rather then be considered a strict data visualisation. Nonetheless, it is nice to see the works sit amongst so many other great sites.

It’s listed as ‘Centre for Australian Art: Australian Prints + Printmaking’.

Voting is open until the 27/2/2016. You can vote, and see the other nominees, here.

The Timeline arrives

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Following on extremely quickly from the Subjects Explorer comes my 6th, and final, generous interface for the Australian Prints + Printmaking collection. Presenting the Timeline…


The Timeline provides the user with an overview of the life of an artist or gallery, with their work, exhibition and reference data all available on the single page.


The three column display presents the exhibitions and references on the far right, the year alongside it and the works in the right column.


Clicking on a work thumbnail will open a larger view of the work whilst allowing it to be viewed within the context of other works from that period.


Clicking on an exhibition opens a detailed exhibition view. Information displayed includes: works by the selected artist; works by other artists; gallery information and a list of names of other artists in the show. Clicking on a name will allow you to refocus the timeline on that person.


See the timeline in action here:

Technical information
Data is from the Australian Prints + Printmaking collection at the National Gallery of Australia. I retrieve it from AP+P using a custom API I’ve written specifically for this interface.
Website is built with AngularJS, HTML and CSS. Some useful grid help care of the Angular UI Bootstrap.

Subjects Explorer

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The Subjects Explorer is live!

explore-subjects explore-subjects2 explore-subjects3

You can view it at:

The Subjects Explorer is the 5th of 6 interfaces produced as part of my practice-led PhD at the University of Canberra. The interface allows the user to explore artworks from the Australian Prints + Printmaking collection based on the subject information contained within their catalogue reference. This information would normally only be visible upon accessing the individual work item. The Subjects Explorer aims to bring this rich information to the forefront, encouraging new ways of accessing the collection and allowing new discoveries to occur.

During the production and testing phase I was amazed at how many works appeared that I had never seen before. It’s great fun!

Technical information
Data is from the Australian Prints + Printmaking collection at the National Gallery of Australia
Website is built with AngularJS, HTML and CSS. Some useful grid help care of the Angular UI Bootstrap.