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Cultural Interfaces

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The big poster will make its first public appearance at Cultural Interfaces, a special one night only show at CraftACT on the 9th November.

show everything (a progression)

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The last few weeks have been absolutely flat out.

I’ve introduced stacking to my big histogram for two reasons: so that you can actually see and compare what works were produced at the same time (rather than disappearing into the sky) and secondly so I can actually print the poster out!

It still looks pretty nice up close though

Now some poster candy…

It’s 3m long and 55cm high.

With feet for scale

and up close

My second ‘show everything’ visualisation splits the works by gender. The upper works are by males and the lower by females. I intend to print this work out soon.

I am currently working on an interactive version of the big histogram, so you can explore the collection and discover more about each work.