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combined grid and histogram

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Here’s a new screenshot of the grid combined with the histogram (split by gender). The addition of the histogram makes it a lot easier to see the rise of the female artist around 1950/60.

first histogram

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Here’s a histogram I did last week and forgot to post:

This version reveals the rise of the female artists in a much clearer way than the grid does. My next step is to combine the grid and the histogram to see how they can work together.

We have interactivity

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Well interactive on my computer at least.

This grid presents all 8000 artists with valid birthdates, sorted by date and coloured by gender. The dates on the right signify the year the first artist in that row was born, between 1900 and 1990 these are at 10 year intervals. The spacing is determined by how many artists there are in that decade. When you hover the mouse over a box, you can see exactly who that artist is and when they were born.

I like this visualisation. We can immediately see that between 1800 and 1900 there were only a smattering of female artists. And while that number increases with each decade, it is between 1950 and 1960 that the females really take off. Towards the end of the 1970’s, there are a number of white boxes, to represent a company. Through the use of interactivity we can see exactly what these companies are: mostly printmaking workshops and schools.

There are still a few errors with the data. The first few artists in the top left corner all have their birth year set to ‘1’ which should have been picked up in the data cleanup process. Also some of the artists names have quotes around them when they shouldn’t.

I’m pleased with this, though it would have taken me a incredibly long time without Mitchell’s fantastic help.

sorted grids

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Hopefully this is starting to speak for itself. I’m just trying to get some years in there now so it actually shows something…